Beer Can Breakfast

Step #1: forget to bring your cooking utensils camping
Step #2: use your vast intelligence to come up with a way to cook breakfast (also doubles as a plate, since you forgot those, too!)
(cooking tips below pics)
Hint #1: works better with just one egg.
Hint #2: dont forget to use Pam on the can, specially lined can doesn’t mean non-stick.
Hint #3:  also works to heat up Lloyd’s BBQ pork (for sandwiches)
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2 Responses to Beer Can Breakfast

  1. eron says:

    From Lee Anna, via email: "Okay, I think I could marry this guy. He cooks! JK."

  2. eron says:

    It is true that one could ask the others in the group one is camping with to use an extra skillet, but since they are all still asleep, that might be a bit rude. and near as fun, or funny…

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