Well, there were a few imperfections in the first coat, so I tried again.  The finish was not right on the second coat, so I took a small piece to Kevin, to find out what I did wrong, and how to prevent it.  He said it was "dry spray." I either had the air pressure too low, I was too far from the surface, my pattern was too wide, or any combination of those things.  So I resanded to scuff, and reshot the pieces again.  This time they turned out great.  Just a couple of minor imperfections, which will be easy to touch up when I paint the doors.  By the time I get the main body back here, I will have this down!
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One Response to Re-Shoot

  1. eron says:

    in getting the pieces prepped, I decided I did not like the dull flat finish of the engine block paint, especially against the glossy "wet look" finish of the acrylic enamel. I thought about putting a clear coat over it, but then I would have had to bought some clear coat. Instead I opted to use the paint I have plenty of, and already paid for, and went for the uniform look of painting it all the same color.

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