Bug & Bee Bowling Balls

I put a nice clear coat on Melanies second lady bug.  She had started a Bumble Bee, getting yellow stripes on it.  I thought it would look cool on a spike, to give it the illusion of flying.  I bent a piece of rebar to hold the ball with bee stripes still vertical, painted the black stripes, and made some bumble bee wings.
 notice the antenae Melanie made!
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6 Responses to Bug & Bee Bowling Balls

  1. eron says:

    From Randi, via Facebook:"I LOVE the bowling balls! Daddy and I always used to make fun of gazing balls in people\’s yards and threaten Mutti that we\’d put bowling balls and basketballs in our yard. You made it look cool!!!"

  2. JoEllen says:

    OMGoodness–just too cute. I think you could make aliving at this! You should see what people buy at nurseries that are arts and crafty! Big prices for anything different! Everyone loves bugs and bees. And your pictures really are lovely and do them justice. JO

  3. Denise says:

    Wonderful! What a really awesome idea!

  4. eron says:

    from Janet, via email: "These are really cute!!!"

  5. eron says:

    From Debie, via email:"I agree with your mom, I think you could sell them!"

  6. eron says:

    from Diane, via email:"awesome i think they will sell easily bring some to reunion. Diane "

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