Roger Waters performs The Wall!

Roger Waters is doing a 32 city, 35 night (two nights in Toronto, Chicago, and Philladelphia) tour, performing The Wall in its entirety, for the 30th Anniversary of the classic Pink Floyd album.  " On the tour, Rogers has promised to perform an updated version of the original stage show, which included the construction of a massive white brick wall between the audience and performers during the course of the show."  I bought tix through the 98 Rock presale this morning, and got a very good seating assignment!  Very close to the stage, not on the floor, but thats ok, our seats will be level with the stage!!  Once in a lifetime experience ahead! 
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Surf Cruiser

I was flipping through the January/February 2010 copy of National Geographic Traveller Magazine, that someone left in the breakroom.  I couldn’t help but grin when I flipped the page to see this photo.
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grandad’s toyboxes

 Years ago, I think I was around 8 or 9, my Grandad made wood chests for my cousins, my sister, and me.  We would be at Grandma and Grandad’s house every Christmas, and that year, Grandma put the gifts she put together in the  boxes that Grandad made.  I don’t remember what kind of goodies Grandma put together that year, but I never got rid of the box.  Eventually, both mine, and my sister’s, ended up at Grandma’s house, both full of legos, and other little toys.  They have been empty for some time now.  I kept thinking of what I could do with them, as they hold an importance to me, and finding a use for things like that is always cool.  Then it came to me, I could use them for my camping boxes! Right now, my most important stuff is in a plastic milk crate Surprised , so these will have more room, and be a lot cooler looking!  One of the boxes must have sat in water, as the bottom was rotted, so I tore it off, and replaced it with some redwood planking.  I painted them both, inside and out, and then used some stencils to brand them.  I think they turned out pretty cool Hot
hey, for thirty some years old, these are in great shape!
new bottom, a little primer, ready to paint
 New matching paint shceme, and some prominent lettering, and these are ready
for the camping gear.  They remind me of old ammo boxes Hot
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Land Cruiser Blues

I found an old photo my Grandma took forever ago, sometime around 1987.  The machine still ran at that time.  I think I was changing spark plugs and wires, which is why the hood is up.  I don’t think there are many pics of the Cruiser when it was running, this may be the only one.
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storage box

I decided that I needed a better way to keep the stuff behind my seats stored away.  It was just on the floor, so I made a storage box to fit on the riser.  My original thought was to make a hinged lid, but the plywood in the garage was not long enough. So instead  I used the trunk size cargo net, which I already had, rigged up (linked to eye bolts in the back, carbiner clipped to the seat belt bracket up front) to hold the stuff down.  Probably more secure that way, anyway, and gives a little more flexibility to putting things in.  If you take everything out, the hatches in the riser are still easily accesible.

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Clowns are NOT our friends!!

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Excellent Show!  Them old dudes can really jam.  We grabbed some good seats, had a great view, and the band put on a great show.  The place was packed, must have sold out.  All the usual critters were in attendance, one guy told me they were out from New Jersey to see the New Years Eve shows.  Long way for a concert, but hey, that’s cool.  I don’t think I would go that far for any band, but I certainly would not turn down a chance to see these guys do their thing. 
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