Halloween Treats

Once again, Melanie’s office is doing their scary/gross halloween snack table.  You may remember the “cat litter cake” that I made for her to take a couple of years ago


Some people couldn’t bring themselves to serve the cake with the litter sifter spatula, while others couldn’t even bring themselves to eat any of it (although it did all get eaten!). She did take “grossest”  in the informal office contest.

Well, she wanted to take it a step further, this year.  I’m not sure how it happens, but she asks for artistic input for her idea, and somehow, I end up creating the whole project.  So with out further ado, I present to you, the “Gas Station Toilet!” (double click pics for larger images, if you dare)


where are the ass gaskets??

Don’t mind the drizzle!

Now, don’t those brownies look yummy?

I’m pretty sure that, once again, she will win for grossest entry!

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One Response to Halloween Treats

  1. eron says:

    from Jeremy – via text:

    “That is by far the grossest thing I have ever seen. That’s worse than a truck stop.”

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