grandad’s toyboxes

 Years ago, I think I was around 8 or 9, my Grandad made wood chests for my cousins, my sister, and me.  We would be at Grandma and Grandad’s house every Christmas, and that year, Grandma put the gifts she put together in the  boxes that Grandad made.  I don’t remember what kind of goodies Grandma put together that year, but I never got rid of the box.  Eventually, both mine, and my sister’s, ended up at Grandma’s house, both full of legos, and other little toys.  They have been empty for some time now.  I kept thinking of what I could do with them, as they hold an importance to me, and finding a use for things like that is always cool.  Then it came to me, I could use them for my camping boxes! Right now, my most important stuff is in a plastic milk crate Surprised , so these will have more room, and be a lot cooler looking!  One of the boxes must have sat in water, as the bottom was rotted, so I tore it off, and replaced it with some redwood planking.  I painted them both, inside and out, and then used some stencils to brand them.  I think they turned out pretty cool Hot
hey, for thirty some years old, these are in great shape!
new bottom, a little primer, ready to paint
 New matching paint shceme, and some prominent lettering, and these are ready
for the camping gear.  They remind me of old ammo boxes Hot
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4 Responses to grandad’s toyboxes

  1. eron says:

    Dave Fortenberry commented on your link (via Facebook): "Wow. I have no memory of those boxes. Cool, though!"

  2. eron says:

    Donna Rae FortenberryApril 13, 2010 at 10:12amSubject: boxesSaw your boxes on facebook, and we have one at our house. A white one. Don\’t know if it is Daves or Lynettes. Made by Grandpa Forteberry.

  3. eron says:

    Lee Anna\’s was white, so I would guess that you must have Lynette\’s. I am so glad to still have them in one piece.

  4. eron says:

    Jeremy Burns commented on your link (via Facebook): "Eron I remember my kids playing with those boxes on grandmas porch, that\’s cool as can be that you saved them they look great"

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