I love The Bone!

I just love 107.7 The Bone!  I win more stuff from that station.  Now, they call me to give me stuff!  I was sitting in the break room, when my phone rang.  I answered, and the girl said she was from the Bone. Melanie had texted me earlier to tell me a package had arrived, and I assumed it was the movies I won last week, on the Rock Artist of the Week call in promotion,  but she then said she was calling to tell me that I had won tickets for Furthur (Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, from The Grateful Dead), tomorrow night at the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco, and that the tickets would be at the will call.  I asked her how I had won, and she said I was entered online, which I had forgotten about doing. 
ok, so tomorrow is not the New Years Show, but it is close!  And, they are billing the the two shows together, as "December 30th and 31st New Year’s Shows."  The New Year’s Eve show is sold out, and this one is close.  I have been groovin’ to the song feed from their website, and this should be quite an enjoyable evening.
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One Response to I love The Bone!

  1. eron says:

    The package turned out to be a really cool Black Crowes coffee mug Darren had sent to me for Christmas. You really are not supposed to win more than once a month, so I am not sure what will happen with the movies, they never did call for confirmation, but it was two days before Christmas. I guess it is a wait & see situation, now.

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