Thanksgiving Travels

Home from my tour of Texas.  I flew into Love Field in Dallas, where Mike picked me up.  The next day, we picked up Shelby, and drove to Silverton for the holiday.  Everyone was doing well, and we had a good time.  Thanksgiving in Silverton is like a mini-reunion, and it is great to see all who come.   Saturday, Mike, Shelby, and I followed Susie & Gerald (by a few hours, anyway) to Midland.  Susie, Gerald, Gerald’s daughter, Sarah, Mike, and I went to Odessa, to a giant night club called Graham’s Central Station.  It consisted of four dance floors, each playing a different type of music, a kareoke bar, and a "coyote ugly" bar.  Sunday we lazed about Susie’s place, until the afternoon, when the three of us departed for Dallas.  Monday, Mike took me to Cowboys Stadium, and we took a tour of the Stadium, incredible!  Afterwards, we went to the site of the JFK assasination.  We skipped The Sixth Floor museum, as we were both getting hungry.  Thanks to Virginia talking about how good it was, I had a craving to try Whataburger, which we don’t have in CA.  It was possibly the best burger I have ever had!  We closed the day watching the Saints whoop up on the Patriots on Monday Night Football.  Mike had to work the first half of Tuesday, but he came home just after noon, and took me to Steak and Shake for lunch.  This southwest chain is a cross between Mels Diner and Foster Freeze.  The shakes were excellent, and the burgers were very tasty (although I still put the Whataburger on top!).  After lunch, we headed to the airport, and it was time for the Southwest game to get home (if you have ever used SW, you know what I mean!).
Mike & me, on the 10 yard line of Cowboy’s Stadium:
Mike showing proper reverance to the field:
To see all the photos from the trip, Click Here
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  1. eron says:

    From Randi, via email:Thank you!!!! It makes me feel like I was there…sort of…in a good way though!!!! Hopefully this’ll be my last one spent in another country! ~R

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