paint on order

I just placed my order for the John Deere Green paint (and some primer, and a couple of prep items).  So, when it arrives (UPS ground, so next week some time), I can start painting the body pieces.  One step closer to a finished look!  not to mention a big step of progress on the FJ40.  I decided to go with acrylic enamel.  Kevin says it is better than the urethane, or laquer, and you don’t have to use a clear coat (in fact, it says you are not even supposed to).  It was also a little less expensive, even with the hardner and reducer.  I bought two gallons, even though I will probably only need one.  This way I will have more if I need it, since I have never actually painted a vehicle before.  I will also have some for later, if (and when) I need to make body damage repairs.  And just as importantly, Kevin said that the enamel paints will be coming off the market in October, due to new EPA regulations.  Now I will have it, and not have to worry about it. 
and of course, I will post pics when I have body parts in final paint.
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One Response to paint on order

  1. eron says:

    ooohhh, paint shipment just arrived! of course, it doesn\’t look like much, in cans, but I know what I will be doing this weekend!

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