Fresh Pineapple!  At least, it is supposed to resemble a pineapple, what do you think?
there a few more pics in the Projects Photo Album 
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2 Responses to Pineapple

  1. Unknown says:

    Hello fellow ball Aficionados ! It took a few people at the office some time to figure out it was a pineapple but then I work in a govt environment so not all are considered bright…… Eron did an awesome job making a BALL look like a pineapple. The texture on the base was what really set it off. Many here at the office are wondering what we will do with all the balls and some have suggested I offer them at auction at the next NF walk….. not a bad idea…. but the dilemma – what price to put on such unique art….? $100 to start the bidding…. good plan ! Mail me a check and after it clears, I\’ll ship you a ball ! :o)

  2. eron says:

    No namewrote: The closer you get the more it looks like a pineapple. The further away you get, it looks like a Meyer\’s Lemon! It is delightful and right out of the Land of OZ! What an artist, who knew!!!!

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