whip out a couple of turtle balls…

and see what happens!
a lady Melanie works with saw the photos and said, oh, how cute. she then raced home, and called all the girls in her bowling league, "Get out those old balls, ladies!, I have a place to unload them! For FREE!!"  so all of her league girls dug out ancient bowling balls from the back of their closets, and she brought them all to Melanie.  Then someone with senior connections snagged her two more from the Leisure Town "yard sale" (Leisure Town, or Geezer Town, as some call it, is a large retirement community here in Vacaville).  So, now there are 17 freakin’ bowling balls to be conceived (you can only paint so many turtles), painted, and re-located. 
 y’all better get reinforced stockings to hang on the mantle this year….
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