Turtle Ball #1

to recap; Melanie saw a guy on the web who was painting old bowling balls to look like ladybugs.  he would roll them around his lawn. anyhow, she wanted to turn some into turtles.  it took some time, but she found 2 old balls in a thrift shop in Sacramento.  so my task was to make them look like turtles. I started by sanding the finish down, and putting a basecoat of white on them.
from the basecoat, it was time to pencil in the design.
then tape off all the lines


from there I spray painted the large areas of color.  there are more photos of this process in the projects photo album (there is a link at the bottom of this post)  when I finished the bulk painting, I peeled away the painters tape.




time to tackle the hand painted details.  I used a few different colors of Testors paints to fill in the details, and then put down a couple of layers of Rustoleum indoor/outdoor clear spray paint (which still seems strange to me, clear paint) , and this is how it turned out



and at the reveal, Melanie was happy with it



I have penciled in turtle ball #2, and will post his final portrait when it is complete. 

for more photos of the painting process on this one, check out the photo album, here: 




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4 Responses to Turtle Ball #1

  1. eron says:

    Hi Eron,You did a great job!!!I would have never thought to paint a bowling ball.So, where are you going to put your famous bowling balls?It looks like you had fun doing it and your wife really likes it!!!Thanks for sharing.Janet Payne

  2. eron says:

    Beautiful!!!!! I am soo impressed!!!Lee Anna

  3. eron says:

    Oh how awesome! you did a great job. I haven\’t ever tried painting a bowling ball. Round must be very difficult. I have painted sea shells and rocks, and various other things big and small, but a bowling ball! Wow!Denise

  4. eron says:

    hi eron, you did great and I can see from melanie\’s expression she is thrilled and very impressed. will show steve later…take care, susan

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