Turtle Balls

the mission: to turn two old bowling balls into turtles.
why? Melanie saw a guy on the web that was painting bowling balls to look like ladybugs, for yard decoration. so, she was determined to have bowling ball yard turtles.  it took her a couple of months to find them, but she tracked down two old balls at a thrift shop in Sacramento.
after sanding the finish off, I started with a base coat of white, both as a primer to cover the black, and as a "canvas" to pencil in the turtle patterns. 
I have one close to finished, but will not show any more pics, until after the Reveal.  I will be posting the photos of the process, along with the first complete turtle tomorrow (either this wireless card, or Melanie’s laptop gives me problems trying to post photos here).  I am pretty close to done, on the first one, I just need to wait until the hobby shop opens at noon, to get some paint (in colors not found in the hardware stores).  I can then complete the details. 
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