in the beginning…

the FJ40 broke down in 1989, and sat for about 2 years before Bob suggested we could tear it down, and rebuild it.  So, with his guidance, I took it apart, stripped all the paint off, we cut out all the rusty spots, welded new steel in those spots, and primered everything.  It was not long after that, when the closure of Mare Island Naval Shipyard was announced.  Bob, having a wife and three kids to think about, wasted no time in putting in for a transfer.  Being one of the first to jump on the transfer request, he was transferred to Port Orchard, Washington.  Which of course meant I no longer had guidance.  I had also come to a point that it was going to start costing money to keep going, and I had even less of it back then!  So, it sat, until last year, when I started dragging pieces and parts out of the shop at Grandma’s, and bringing them to Vacaville.
These photos are from the progress we made back then, which I believe is either late 1991, or spring of 1992.
David and the beast
before                                                                                  after
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