Metallica rocked Saturday night! It was so loud, my ears were ringing for two days!  My voice is still a bit rough from screaming along.  Jon and his buddy were able to slip past security  , and get to the floor for Metallica’s entire set.  Jon said they spent part of the time in the pits, and part of the time against the rail, for a real upclose experience. They ripped through many tracks from their classic first four albums (including Blackened, which their website says they have never played live in Oakland, before), and several songs from Death Magnetic, which absolutely raged.  Thankfully missing were any songs from Load, Re-Load, or St. Anger.  After the set was finished (2 1/2 hours of non-stop rippin’ metal), the road crew set about covering Lars with cream pies, and silly string, in celebration of his upcoming birthday on Dec 26.        (photo from Jon’s  phone!)   After the creaming, James led the crowd in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday ("dear Lars-ee-poo" sang James), for a great finale to their homecoming show, also the last of this leg of their tour (to continue after a few weeks of break).  All doubts were cast aside, as the band tore it up, as if it was their first headlining tour.  Great show!
(The rest of the photos I found through Metallica’s website, either thiers, or reviews. They are all from the Oakland show.)
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