Happy Halloween

So Melanie’s office group is having a halloween scary/gross food contest today.  She found a recipe on the internet for Cat Litter Cake. She made the two sheet cakes needed for the “cake,” but had no time for anything further. So last night, I completed the project.
The sifter is for serving the cake,  eeeewwwww!  cl2
The sheet cakes are crumbled up, under a layer of ‘nilla wafer “litter” (notice the green litter for aroma control!).  The cat turds are strechted out tootsie rolls. There are some more turds buried in the cake, as well as more litter mixed into the cake, and banana pudding for moisture.  The newspaper under the cat tray really sets it off. 
I almost forgot to add the urine, which I went to about 5 stores before I found something that would work.  I originally thought I could find some kind of gross kid candy, the oozy kind, but they were all the wrong color/flavor.  I ended up using yellow cake decorating gel.
MMMM, nummy!   Melanie is going to email pictures of the final presentation, and of the cake being served up, so I will post those later.  
When she got home, she made a batch of Squashed Frog Cookies.  She is going to email me pics of her cookie display, later.  Pictures of those cookies without their initial display don’t do the frogs justice.  It will be very funny, and I will post that later, as well
There a couple of more photos in the Cat Litter Cake photo album.
These two photos were the final display in Melanie’s office:
Notice the litter spattered around the box!
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4 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. eron says:

    lol, that is just aweful.  Great cake 🙂 Denise
    (posted from email reply)

  2. eron says:

    Too Cool Eron:
    I wanted to make the kitty litter cake too, but was afraid no one would be brave enough to eat it. Melting the tootsie rolls to stretch was a great idea.
    I brought potluck items for all to enjoy at work – I made:
    Brain Stew (plain ole’ spaghetti – noodles dyed green to look like brains)
    Mummy Dogs (pigs in a blanket/hot dogs wrapped in biscuits)
    Fish Eyes (devilled eggs)

  3. eron says:

    The kitty litter won the prize for the "Grossest" food item.
    It took a while for people to actually "dig in". The urine was noticed easily as well !  
    It was funny to watch people using the scooper – they were actually SIFTING it !!!
    One of the girls got a picture of one of the guys eating a tootise poo and I\’ll fwd that when she sends it.
    Melanie\’s update from the office part contest

  4. eron says:

    That looks too real!! Disgusting!! You did an awesome job…..looks great. Happy eating kitty poo =)
    Debbie Morgan
    (posted from email reply)

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